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    Touching millions of lives through his Sales and Marketing Skills!

    A self-made millionaire and a creative mind behind many startups such as CEO of Grewal Inc., CEO of SN Enterprises, Co-founder of SSS (Success Support System), Keynote speaker, and presenter, Mr. Narsi Grewal features his deliveries at different avenues in India. Named as the number one sales and marketing trainer to provide marketing and leadership training to a large group of individuals, Mr. Narsi will help you transform your dream into a reality.

    Over the past 20 years in Direct marketing industry, I’ve been blessed to:

    Generate over 100+ Billion INR in Sales
    Lead Teams That Have Grown to Over 3 Million Customers
    Become a Self-Made Millionaire at 40
    Become the #1 Earner in the company
    (One that has done over 800 crores in Revenues 2019-2020)
    Author or Co-Author 2 bestselling books
    Build a Team Producing Over 200 crore Earners
    Speak to Audiences in 50 cities all over India
    Build a Following in Social Media

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    Earner in the company (One that has done over 860 crores revenue in last fiscal year)

    100 +

    100+ billion INR in sales

    4500000 +

    4500000+ people trained

    50 +

    50+ cities spoken to audiences

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    Business Management Course

    1 Lesson | 01h of course Learn business management procedures to increase your success rate as a Business Manager! This course covers all of the fundamentals of business management, so no prior knowledge is needed. This course will help you to understand the role of a business manager during project allocation, implementation, execution, and how […]

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    Business Start-up Course

    16 Lessons | 17h 20m of course  This course comes with various modules of business administration. Easily get ahead in starting a business. Expert guidance and a cutting-edge curriculum are available with 100+ hours of learning. You will learn how to use your skills for commercial gaining to kick-start your business. You can easily identify […]

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    Business Strategy Management Course

    14 Lessons | 03h 20m of course  Best guide to help you equip with the ingredients to start and build a business. This course begins with how to refine your business idea, start a business and make it a big success. Read steps to business success. Here, you will find modules to develop exact financial […]

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    Strategic Financial Management

    6 Lessons | 04h of course  In this course, you can understand the basics of financial management. Learn about finance considering the specific strategic goals of any business. An expert will guide you through the fundamentals of finance, accounting, marketing, operations, and strategy to run a successful business. This contains modules of strategic financial management […]

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    Vikas Yadav

    I would still be beating my life with 9 to 5, if it wasn’t for Grewal sir training and his flagship kept me inspired from dusk to daw.

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    I think if I am able to sum up in one word about Narsi Grewal, it would be phenomenal.Thanks to his events, and hardworking regime towards his attendees, I am living larger than life today.


    Anmol Kumar Jha – Army

    Digital Marketing Researcher at Digital Media

    Being a female in direct selling industry brings all kinds of societal and economic challenges. But I was able to cope and overcome them under his leadership workshops and programs.


    Saudamini Sahu

    Direct seller

    In layman terms, he is best leader of 21st century.His books and courses have tremendous affect on my business, communications and persona skills.



    Digital Marketing Researcher at Digital Media

    I , Madhav Singh was in close mentorship from honorable sir since 2003.And today looking back and realizing how far I have come, from just being a teacher to role models for millions. All the credit goes to his humongous and life changing leadership .


    Madhav Singh

    Digital Marketing Researcher at Digital Media

    His training is on whole another level in field of direct selling and business acumen. I recommend it to anyone who wants to make something incredible out of their career.



    Digital Marketing Researcher at Digital Media


    Mr Narsi Grewal Official Documentary

    Do you wanna be successful?

    Travelling around the world : Narsi Grewal

    Keynote speech by narsi grewal in leadership conference expo

    Keynote session by narsi grewal in jaypee palace



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    23 December 2020

    An invitation is one of the most important skills in marketing. Invitations help entrepreneurs play bigger and leave a positive impact on the consumer! However, many business owners don’t know how to invite professionals and generate more sales for their business. Have a look at some do’s and don’ts of invitation 2 DO’s of Invitation- […]

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    Tips for cold market prospecting

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    Talking about the tips for cold marketing prospecting, the advice should be geared towards network marketers and be beneficial for more sales and success of any entrepreneur. Talking about the tips for cold marketing prospecting, the advice should be geared towards network marketers and be beneficial for more sales and success of any entrepreneur. Let’s […]

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