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Ashish Kumar Saw

My name is Ashish Kumar Saw. I belong from Rajnagar extension Ghaziabad UP. I am 42 years old and I got the privilege of becoming a millionaire with this system.
Narsi Grewal ji, every thing is unique, I would like to tell one thing about Sir that God has also made precious rattan by counting and the most precious Ratan Narsi Grewal ji has come to us among those gems.
Sir’s positive thoughts really revolutionize my mind with attractive words and these things A lot has changed in my life by implementing it.
Sir says that it is very important to work hard in the right direction to get success in life.
Ever since I got a chance to come under the guidance of Narsi Grewal ji, a lot of value has been added to my life like Sir says that Amiro’s first habits are to do meditation and visualization. Have to book daily 20 minutes, must listen to daily positive audio videos. Sir insists on one thing that you must do self-talk daily in your voice.
Grewal ji says that you should meet people with a smiling face, adopt the right way of dressing, do all the work on time, keep all your work up to date, use effective words all the time, by completing the commitment you have made. Show, never to criticize or criticize anyone, Sir also says that give credit for your success to the team and give true praise to the team.
Stability has come in the team by coming under the guidance of Narsi Grewal ji, earlier the team used to be formed and disintegrated but after coming under the guidance of Sir, there is a great unity in the middle of the team. There is so much to tell about Sir, I would like to tell only this.
Ashish Kumar Saw

Regards, my name is Satyaprakash, I am a resident of Agra city, I am 39 years old, my net income has been around 1 crore 30 lakh till now.
I met Mr. Narsi Grewal ji through a seminar in the city of Agra, I was very impressed after listening to Sir, I implemented the knowledge received by Sir in my business and life, so much in my business and my life. There was a big change and there was a huge benefit and on the same day I kept moving forward considering Grewal sir as my ideal.
The training and motivational stories received by him changed my whole life, because of the support given by Sir, today I am the owner of 2 luxurious houses and car (Honda City), I have the privilege of traveling to many countries with Sir. received ! I would like to give credit for all these achievements to sir.


My name is Ajay Pandit, I am 35 years old and I am from Agra.

Mr. Narsi Grewal sir is a great leader and a personality full of enthusiasm.
His big vision has taught me to think far and big. Because of which I was able to succeed in life and become the owner of more than 4.5 lakh team size.

Ajay Pandit


Being a female in direct selling industry brings all kinds of societal and economic challenges. But I was able to cope and overcome them under his leadership workshops and programs.

Saudamini Sahu

Direct seller


My name is Ombir Singh.
I am a resident of city Mathura (Uttar Pradesh). i am 45 years old
My income till now is 4crore.

I would like to become a good man
like my Great Mentor Narsi Grewal

From him I have got the inspiration to become a successful person, Also because of him I am able to develop. He guided me to how to be become a strong person.


Ombir Singh