Narsi Grewal – An Influence Who Inspires Entrepreneurs

Touching millions of lives through his Sales and Marketing Skills!

Business consultant, motivational speaker and author are just a few of labels that Mr. Narsi Grewal is the proud owner of

Born in a small village Marodhi, Rohtak in Haryana, Mr. Narsi Grewal always aspired to do something big for the nation. In 1985, Mr. Narsi joined the Army Medical Corps and also served during the Kargil War and after retirement from AMC Corps in 2005, Mr. Narsi referral marketing giant. And, it was on November 25, 2002. Here, Narsi was introduced to an influencer program with a direct selling company. Back then, the concept of direct selling was still new in the market, but having always had an entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Narsi seized the opportunity to get a head start in the still growing market.
Narsi had fanaticism to grow and excel high in his career; his passion made him the highest earner through wide array of his distribution channel. Mr. Narsi believes that “Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust”.

Since then, he hasn’t ever looked back and worked smart to create various transformative startups and leading associations to build your future.


“One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes… and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Being a lover of writing, and a passionate sales and marketing person, Mr. Narsi Grewal wrote 4 books and also started segments of firms for sales and marketing enthusiasts.

“Mr. Grewal is the Co-author of the Book named – “PRAGATISUTRA” and 1 Million+ book have been sold on sales and marketing business.”

He aims to help you and your team to grow in the market. He provides training and development sessions to the direct marketers and distributors. Besides, he works to help my people to hit the rank which they want.


Also, Narsi is a highly sought-after public speaker and presenter, featuring his deliveries at different avenues in India. He loves to give motivational and inspirational speeches to people! Love to say that he has given such lectures to more than 1.7 million people in my excellent career. Additionally, Mr. Narsi has written many well-acclaimed books in his field of direct sales and marketing, leadership, and what makes the businesses tick.

Grewal academy and other subsidiaries like SSS believe that training and tools accompanied with continuous support, feedback and reporting helps in building a more successful loop of sales and marketing. One thing without another is just not enough for the quality results all seek.


Ex-Army Officer Narsi Grewal bags the ‘Responsible Business Leadership’ Award

The Asian-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AACCI) organized their flagship summit- the 2nd Asian-African Leadership Forum in New Delhi. The Forum consisted of a grand summit with amongst diplomats from the two continents. The AACCI forum witnessed the remarkable presence of top-ranking diplomats, who discussed about the potential of two continents and different areas of cooperation.

Co-founder of Success Support system, Mr. Narsi Grewal, has been honoured with the prestigious “Responsible Business Leadership Award” 0n 25 Jan 2020 by ASIAN -AFRICAN Chamber of Commerce & Industry (non-profit recognized by Govt. of India). He was awarded for my exemplary work in the field of sales and marketing for providing Tools, Training, Seminar, Function, and Boot Camp training the team for brigining transformations in their life.

Dr. GD Singh (Founder & Chairman, AACCI), his Excellency Mr. George Mkondiwa (H.E. Ms. Grace Akello) has presented this awrd to Mr. Grewal along with the presence of top dignitaries including High Commissioner, Uganda, H.E. Maj gen Chris Sunday Eze (Nigerian High Commissioner), Mrs. Faduma Abdullahi Mohamud (Ambassador Somalia), Mr. Md Shafiul Alam (Councellor at Bangladesh High Commission in India) in a special ceremony conducted at my residence in New Delhi.

Associated with leading brands Raymond, Reebok, Nokia, Vimal, Grado (Aditya Birla Group) and Sri Sri TATTVA (Initiative of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar), Narsi Grewal has different highly distinguished achievements.
Mr. Grewal also comprehended that unemployment and little knowledge are two major for most of the Indian citizens, and these are the primary reasons why they have to live a quite difficult life. Mr. Grewal, has visualized the real power of Human transformation in his own team and he decided to launch his idea in the form of a “SUCCESS SUPPORT SYSTEM” organization known as, “SUCCESS FOREVER SUPPORT SYSTEM“, for providing Tools and Training to aspiring people in his team.
Today, millions of individuals countrywide are using the great products of his organization to get Success In life.

How Narsi Helps People of Different Domains?

Direct Sellers – Achieve higher ranks in their respected direct selling companies (SSS for direct sellers, not just tools/training but hand to hand working by their side)

Affiliate Marketers – Learn to sell online and earn maximum affiliate commissions (Grewal Academy)

Direct Marketers – Proven strategies to market any kind of goods/services (Grewal Academy)

People in Sales and Persuasion Industry – Grow their results by 200 percent (Grewal Academy)

Part Timers – trying to make an additional income (Grewal Academy)

Social Influencers – build an automated money machine (Grewal Academy)


  • 1 Billion in sales annually.
  • 1000 + Flight hours annually
  • Delivered his best of training to 4 million + people.
  • Made 1000+ millionaires, 10000+ Lakhpatis, 100000+ Hajarpatis under his wing through his direct coaching and training methods, and working side by side.
  • 1000 + families into a full-time income
  • Featured in Forbes, entrepreneur, Hindustan Times & Yahoo.

Entrepreneurial Responsibility

Mr Grewal’s entrepreneurial drive paid off and today, he has accomplished almost 18 years of success in the industry, due to which he has travelled extensively, twice or thrice a week, getting the chance to conduct 15 to 20 monthly meetings across India. He says, “The philosophy of earning wealth is to duplicate yourself. When your income is not dependent on your ability, you become financially independent. If some day, something happens to me yet source of income won’t stop as it’s not dependent on me. I have successfully duplicated myself into lakhs of individuals working for their time/money/security.”


Newcomer on the Scene

Being a novice in the field, he did not let his lack of sales and marketing be a deterrent but worked hard to build up his knowledge. He did not let his struggles pull him down but continued to be a learner. His determination and his thirst for learning helped him to reach the highest achiever level, breaking into the top earner ranks of a reputed national organisation. He then utilised his knowledge to build his own distributor channel of successful sellers. Where many people gave up easily, Mr Grewal strove onwards, taking on responsibility and training individuals in his distributor channel to build the business. For Mr Grewal, the most profound strategy was to train and guide others through an organised education system, using the help of literature, starter kits, training seminars and mobile application. His passion to empower others to fulfil their dreams through entrepreneurship has made him a success in the industry. He believes that if followed properly, the training tools will help one’s business for decades.

Family Business

Blessed with two children, son Ankur Grewal and daughter Navita, Mr Grewal ensured that he imparted his business skills to them, right from their childhood. Though his son went to UK to pursue a degree in computing and business management, in 2019, he joined his father in his social selling business. Today, his son helps out full time.

Future in the ‘New Normal’

The pandemic, which took the world by storm, has upended the traditional 9-to-5 office culture. As companies have been forced to reconfigure to a remote work culture, the direct selling industry , which is a home-based business was quick to adapt and has emerged as a career option for many. Only the physical meetings and conferences had to shifted online. The industry was set up as an option favourable to everyone from a housewife to professional to student. With the support of a distributed workforce used to operating in off-site conditions, adapting to the pandemic imposed lockdown was easy. With in-store sales taking a sharp hit, e-commerce picked up the volumes. It is estimated that direct selling clients grew by 40% in April 2020.

Motivating Others

Mr Grewal, along with his son, have devoted their valued time to helping many start-ups in the industry by training them in creating volume, character and personality building, developing the right mindset, etc. Today, Mr Grewal is not only a leading sales and marketing strategist, but his training and teaching skills have made him an expert in business networking and one of India’s leading motivational speakers. He has also co-authored the best-selling Pragati Sutra, which has sold over half a million copies and delivered thousands of talks on leadership and ethical practices in business.